BacterBasics - the Next Generation of Grease-Trap Waste Treatment


We pay YOU for grease!
Bacter provides flexible solutions to waste cooking oil collection and storage. We index our payments to you so you will always know what to expect. We also pledge to keep our containers clean and debris free."

Municipality Grease Management
Grease Trap (Brown Grease), Waste Cooking (Yellow Grease), Hood Cleaning, Fire Suppression Inspection, Backflow Inspection


Bacter Waste Solutions is your one-stop source for renewable grease-trap service in Georgia and South Carolina. What began as a patented, proprietary waste-treatment process has now come full circle to offer restaurants and industrial waste producers the bundled services of waste-oil collection and proper disposal as well as demonstrated expertise in equipment inspection and service. Better yet, our services will help you save money in every category and with Bacter, you have one trusted point of contact 24/7 for your total peace of mind. Avoid the slippery slope of improper grease management with the environmentally sound, cost effective services of Bacter Waste Solutions.

  • The Bundled Services of Bacter Waste Solutions Include:
  • Grease-Trap Services (Brown Grease)
  • Waste Cooking Oil (Yellow Grease) Collection
  • Repurpose Trap Grease for renewable energy purposes
  • Hood Cleaning
  • Fire Suppression Inspections
  • Backflow Inspections
  • Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical and Refrigeration Services